My Friends!

Here's me and Mr. Chris and Ms. Liza! They are my friends in Maryland!

Here's me, daddy, daddy's friend Mike and my friend Abby! They live in Maryland too!

Here's me and Daddy's friend, Mr. Chris.

Here's me, my mommy, Ms. Ryan and my friend Adrien! She lives next door to me!

Here's me and my friend Madalyn. She lives in Maryland too!

Here's me, Megan (left) and Adrien (right) watching the SuperBowl! Adrien and I are also playing to the right!

Here's my Grandpa, Mr. Chris (he lives next door and is Adrien's daddy), Mr. Brian (he lives across the street), me and daddy in our hockey jerseys!

Here's me and my daddy's friend Arvind. Arvind says he's going to take me to India some day! From the look on my face...I need to think it over!

Here's me and my daddy's friend Brian from across the street. They are going to go play golf..but I wanted to get a picture first!

Here's me, Mr. Brian and Ms. Phoebe on my Birthday! I hope they have a little one soon so we can play together!

Here's me and my cousin Jake! He likes to read these books!