A Wedding Story
 The Bride

The bride-elect hails from Pasadena, Texas. Pasadena is located southeast of Houston, Texas.

Angie attended the University of Houston and received a degree in Finance in 1992. She interned with the IBM Government Systems division in Clear Lake, Texas. She completed her interns with IBM and started full time at the Clear Lake facility as a site financial planner. She moved to Bethesda, Maryland in 1996 and is now the Lead Financial Planner for the IBM Government Systems division.


Angie enjoys taking a break after her 80 hour work weeks! She also enjoys volleyball, and her cat. The kitty's name is still undecided after 2 years. Names include, Kitty, Bailey and Nut (thatīs my name for her!).

Angie's parents, Larry and Pat Graham are kept very, very busy with four grandchildren. Larry is a deployment  project manager for Contech Engineering in Clear Lake, Texas. Pat is active with taking care of the grandchildren on a daily basis!


Angie's family is growing quickly in Texas. Here, her brother Kevin and his wife, Sheri are to Angie's right.  To Angie's left is her sister Kim and her husband, Charlie. Grandma and Grandpa are holding Logan and Tyler, Kevin and Sheri's children and Trey and Lindsay are the children of Kim and Charlie. They all keep very active and are a very close family.


Here are the Graham Girls! (and Logan!) From left to right is, Kim, Lindsay, Angie, Logan, Mom Graham, and Sheri.

And we canīt forget Angieīs "girl". Itīs not her daughter, and itīs not treated like a pet! Itīs called many things by Angie including, "Girl", "The Girl", "The Best Girl", "Kitten Love Girl", and "Kitty". When Angie takes "Kitty" to the veterinarian, she calls her "Bailey". Itīs no wonder the cat looks confused all of the time!

Tony affectionately calls the cat, "Nut", which she seems to respond quite nicely to. Whatever you call it, sheīs an awfully pretty kitty and Angieīs pride and joy.

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