A Wedding Story
 The Groom

The Groom hails from the Buckeye State, Ohio. He was born and raised in the Tiffin area which is about 1 hour south of Toledo, and 2 hours south of Detroit. But he's a country boy, through and through.

When he's not working on wedding plans with his bride to be, he enjoys working out, hockey, golf and Nascar.


He attended Bowling Green State University, in Ohio, and received a degree in Finance. While in college, he completed 3 interns with IBM. From there he took a full time offer to join IBM in Rockville, Maryland, just north of Washington D.C.


Tony's parents, Janet and Don, live in Ohio and are active with the church. Don is retired from Atlas Crankshaft and Janet is busy selling life insurance. For being such hard workers, they sure clean up nice, don't you think?


Tony has one sibling, Angie! Angie was married to Dave on October 24th of last year! That should help all of us remember our wedding anniversaries.  Now that my sister went from Angie Thallman to Angie Rohlen, we're now ready to welcome a new Angie Thallman into the family! Here we are last year at my parentīs house in Ohio!

Tony works for IBM Sports Solutions and he loves what he does for a living! The work includes working with many different professional sports leagues and teams. He has worked on technical solutions for the National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association,  the New York Mets, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Texas Rangers and the Colorado Rockies.

Tony is very exited about the big day in October and is very much looking forward to becoming a part of the Graham family and having the Graham family become part of his family.

The statistics that IBM's NHL solution captures can be seen on Fox Sports.


These are some of the hockey teams I follow.


This is the ONLY time Earnhardt is in front of Gordon! Go Jeff Go!


And what's a game of hockey without a fight?

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